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Publish Conference souvenir/Proceeding with ISBN number
6th International Virtual Congress. International E-Bulletin: Information/News regarding: Academics and Research       


We are welcome to all users. The Ideal International E-Publication publishes e-Book, Thesis, Dissertations, Projects, Lab Manual's , Information bulletin, Souvenir/ Book of Abstract and Proceedings of Conference, Seminar and Symposium with ISBN containing original work of good standard through the electronic submission process from all over the world
  1. The work must be submitted as a single electronic MS-Word file only.
  2. We don't require hard bound copies of your work. All the matter and information should be submitted by e-mail.
  3. The work accepted for publication are published on-line in ″Ideal International E-Publication″ Once a manuscript appears on the Web site it is considered as published.
  4. A correctly completed Copyright Form duly signed and scanned, must be provided (for each accepted work) via e-mail to the Editor-in-Chief.
  5. After publication, the corresponding author is notified by e-mail.
  6. The soft copy of your work which you have submitted will not be returned in any case whether accepted or rejected.
  7. No changes or modifications will be entertained once it is published.
  8. Please send a copy of your work for E-Publication at e-mail: contact@isca.co.in, iscaepublications@gmail.com.
  9. Click here to download copyright form.

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