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6th International Young Scientist Congress (IYSC-2020) and Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights. 10th International Science Congress (ISC-2020).  International E-publication: Publish Projects, Dissertation, Theses, Books, Souvenir, Conference Proceeding with ISBN.  International E-Bulletin: Information/News regarding: Academics and Research

ISBN Title Author(s)/Editor(s) Year
978-93-83520-24-4 Procedding of 3 rd International Science Congress Dr. Dipak Sharma 2013
978-93-83520-28-2 Procedding of 4 th International Science Congress (Print) Dr. Dipak Sharma 2014
978-93-83520-33-6 Procedding of 2nd International Science Congrss-2012 Dr. Dipak Sharma 2013
978-93-84648-27-5 EXPERIMENTS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. Sadhana & Dr. Anand Nighojkar 2014
978-93-84648-41-1 Proceedings of National Conference on Advances of material science in physics Dr. Prakash Dubey 2014
978-93-84648-44-2 International Science Congress -2015 Dr. Dipak Sharma 2015
978-93-84648-48-0 Internal and International Migration : Issues and Challenges Dr. Mannju Lalwani Pathak 2015
978-93-84648-54-1 Innovation in Chemical Research and Applied Chemical Sciences Dr. Padma V Deshmukh 2015
978-93-84648-55-8 सिंधी के क्या अधिकार है और उसे कैसे ले Sandhya Chander Kundnani 2015
978-93-84648-95-4 Proceeding of National Seminar on 'Impact of Scientific Advances on Society' Dr. Mala Das Sharma, Dr. Komala, Ms. Vanisree 2015
978-93-84659-02-8 भारत में वित्तीय समावेशन Dr. Mita Ashish Shah 2015

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